What Should My Child Be Learning In Preschool?

Preschool is an incredibly important time for your child. They are just beginning to understand ideas and are extremely malleable. There are many preschools that offer different services, but what should your child be learning in preschool? Are there specific things that you should expect a preschool to teach? The answer is an unequivocal 'yes'! Here are a few basic concepts that your child should be learning in preschool, and which you should be reinforcing at home. 


Numbers and counting are the foundation on which math is laid. In order to get your child 'kindergarten ready', they should be taught numbers. This is both the idea that four objects total the number four, and also the ability to recognize numbers by seeing them. You can work with your children to recognize the numbers and use their little fingers to count objects. Having a good understanding of numbers will make the transition to kindergarten dramatically easier. 


Learning to recognize and make the sounds of letters are the basic principles of reading. Children who learn to read early usually do better in school, which is why many preschools focus so much on learning letters. If there is one thing that you should go over every night from what your child is learning in preschool, it is letters. Make sure that these building blocks are firmly in place. 


Basic colors is one of the first things a child will learn. The idea of color can open up the world to your child. They will learn to perceive things more clearly. 

Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are the bigger things that your child is learning to do such as roll-over, crawl, walk, run, and use their muscles. These are things that they will practice both within the classroom and at recess. You should make sure that your preschool includes a lot of physical activity. 

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are smaller movements, that are extremely crucial. When your child practices writing, picking up small objects, or coloring, they are learning to use their little hands in specific ways. Children who do not practice their fine motor skills may have trouble using utensils, writing, typing, and other things that involve precise movements in the future. 

In conclusion, parents are right to expect good things from their child's preschool. If they are not learning the things that they should be, they may be a little behind in kindergarten, which could be challenging.  

If you have further questions regarding preschool or child education, contract a professional such as Small World Early Learning & Development Center.

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