Are Trying to Help Your Son Better Manage His Time?

Does it worry you to death to see how long your young son plays his computer games? Maybe he's even obsessed with taking showers that are so long that there's not even enough hot water for the rest of the family member's showers. And, then there's the fact that your little boy doesn't come in from playing with his friends in time for dinner. In other words, do you see a future problem of an individual who doesn't know how to manage time? 

With that concern in mind, from having a time talk with your young son to buying him kid's timers, here are some ideas that might help both you and your son.

Have the Talk

Think of talking about time-related issues in a way that your little boy can understand them well. For example, bring out his dress shoes, his athletic shoes, his rain boots and his flip flops for use as object lessons. Show your little boy that there's a time for everything.

For example, bring out his dress shoes and remind him that those are worn for times he spends at places like church. Ask him which shoes he wears when he wants to run and play with his friends. Of course, he'll point to his athletic shoes. You can use other ways to help your little boy to understand time. For example, if he's worried that you'll be gone too long when you've left him with a babysitter, you might tell him that you'll be gone the same amount of time that it will take for him to watch his favorite movie.

Songs are another big help. Maybe your family dentist told your little boy to sing the ABC song inside his head while he's brushing his teeth. 

Kid's Timers

Of course, you already understand the concept of using a timer yourself. You probably use a timer when you've got cookies or a cake in the oven. Now there are kid's task timers that are designed especially for kids. And, the great thing is that they're affordable and super easy for children to work. You can even set multiple times on a kid's timer.

Think of getting a clock type kid's timer for use at home. Decide how long you will allow your child to play his computer games and set the timer for that amount of time. Think of how long it should take him to take a shower or a good soak in the tub. Set the clock-style timer for that, too. Pretty soon, he'll even learn how to set the timer himself. For instance, when you'll be going out, he can set the timer that will show him that you'll soon be home.

Consider buying a watch-type timer for times your little boy will be playing outdoors. One time can be set that will warn him that he has only ten minutes of play time left with his buddies. The next ring will show him that it's time to get home right away. 

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