4 Signs Of A Child Care Center Working Hard To Prevent Spreading Sickness

As a parent, placing your child in the hands of a child care center can be difficult, which is why so many parents every year spend a good amount of time trying to find the right child care center for their family. When you look into child care centers, you want to pay attention to how the children are treated, the cleanliness of the facility, and the details of the daily schedule. Another important think to look into is how sick children are handled. After all, children get sick a lot more than adults do, so it's inevitable that there are going to be children going to the child care center with your child who are going to be sick. Here are four signs that your child care center is going to work hard to prevent the sickness from spreading:

  1. Separate Bathrooms: First off, there should be a bathroom that is designated for children showing signs of being sick. This way, the healthy children are not sharing a toilet or sick with those who are sick. This is where you are most vulnerable from germs, after all. This also includes a separate area for diaper changes with the sick babies being changed in a different area than the healthy babies.
  2. Proper Food Preparation: Pay attention to how the food is prepared by having a day where you observe lunch or snack time. The adult managing the food should, of course, have washed hands and they should be the only ones handling the food. The children should not be involved in putting it together for one another. 
  3. Have a Sick Child Policy: The child care facility should have a sick child policy in place that indicates what certain signs and symptoms indicate that a child needs to stay home or be taken out for the day. This includes a fever over 100, extreme coughing, vomiting, and more. With a sick child policy in place, you can be sure that your child is not in contact with a child who is dangerously sick and therefore more likely to spread the illness. 
  4. A Well Planned Sick Day: If your child is in a child care center with only one adult, which is typical at an in-home child care setting, you want to be sure that the provider has a plan set in place for a sick day. This includes having an adult available to come in to take over and it should be an adult who is licensed. 

When you recognize these four signs of a child care center working hard to prevent spreading illnesses, you can be feel more comfortable with the setting knowing that your child is less likely to become sick as often throughout the year. Contact a center, like Small World Early Learning & Development Center, for more help.

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