Dealing With Separation Anxiety When Your Child Is Going To Be Starting Daycare

If you have a young child and you intend on starting a job in the near future, requiring you to look into child care as a result, it is likely you will be concerned about their well-being during times they are not under your watchful eye. Many parents who decide to use a child care service find that their children adapt to their surroundings rather easily. If you are concerned about separation anxiety setting in during the first days and weeks of your child's new adventures, try some of the following tips to make the transition in going to a daycare facility a bit easier.

Set Aside Time To Explore The Premises

Most child care facilities will allow parents to take a tour of their grounds along with the child who will be attending. Be sure to call in advance of your child's first day at a daycare to set up a scheduled time to undertake this task. It is best to go to the daycare when all of the caretakers who will be tending to your child are present. This will aid in making your child feel more at ease with these people when their session begins, as they will have familiarity with the appearance and demeanor of each person they had met previously. This will in turn make it easier for you to leave your child at the facility, as they will not be fearful of new people when it is time for you to depart.

Take Excursions Around Town To Meet Others

One great way to get your child prepared for a day with other children is by enrolling them in activities held in your town where other children will be present. Joining a sporting team, engaging in a story hour at a local school or library, or just meeting up with others at a park will help to get your child used to spending time others their own age. You may even find that some of these children are also going to the same daycare facility.

Consider Hiring A Home Caretaker To Practice Separation

Prepare your child to listen to the directions of another adult by having a babysitter come to your home a few times before school is to begin. Introduce your child to the babysitter at a time they will not be staying to care for your child so they become familiar with this person first. Afterward, ask the babysitter to watch your child for a short amount of time to see how they fare while you are away. Increase the amount of time the caretaker is present, working your way up to the amount of time your child will be staying at a daycare.

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